Hydra, Greece, 2014, 10x10", Archival pigment print. Edition=0.
Many of you have asked me, how much to donate. Donations range from $10-1500, with the average $75. Keep in mind shipping + handling is about $10 in the US and $30 abroad.My costs are about $50 for 10"; $150 for 12" and larger. Shipping may be delayed due to my travel schedule.
Act Fast Friday is a way for you to purchase a photograph, no matter your budget! Every Friday I will give away a photograph for FREE in exchange for you making a donation which will allow me to continue working on the Are you really my friend? book. If you can, I hope you'll donate generously. If you can’t, I completely understand. It’s your lucky week: no sum is too low or too high. I want to democratize art and the art buying process, so images that sell for between $1-5,000 in a gallery will be yours for whatever you can afford.

READ the interview with Atlas Art News about Act Fast Friday to learn more.

Order the Post-it Note Book, too!
Own a photograph from the exhibition at MASS MoCA! Throughout the summer, I'll be selecting images from the show as I gear up for a live, in person, Act Fast Friday at the museum in July. Stay tuned for details.